5ive Photography Malta by Clive – Freelance Photographer in Malta.

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Clive is an individual who loves creativity. To live a creative life we must not fear doing wrong.

Born on 5th October, married to Amy on 5th June, welcoming home their daughter Chloe on 5th November, No.5 was a prominent number all through his life.

Photography is an important art in Clive’s life, he tagged it with the number five and called his perspective 5ive Photography.

Professional Photography became part of his life when he received his first DSLR camera as a graduation gift from his parents, a Nikon D80. Clive spent 4 years in university and graduated in Management at the University of Malta in 2006.

Clive was part of their own family business from childhood, graduation did not result in a new job, Clive worked harder and more professionally in their own family business, today the family runs Yorkdale and Creme Cafe @ Yorkdale a book cafe a new concept for the Maltese islands.

Clive loves the outdoors, and is hooked to outdoor sports, started kite-boarding in 2003 and since then weather forecast websites became his homepage, clive has created a Facebook page Kite-surfing Malta. Photography a hobby, became an energy in life. When people request a job Clive works with pleasure, he intends to capture life in still images, images that one will treasure.

Services include: Commercial Photography Malta, Wedding Photography Malta, Shows Photographer Malta, Architectural Photographer Malta, Landscape Photographer Malta, Portrait Photography Malta, Newborn Photographer Malta, Saltwater Photographer Malta, Photographic Greeting Cards Malta