AAA Malta – Association for Abandoned Animals

Maltese abandoned dogs


In Malta we have many abandoned dogs which in some

cases are ill treated by their current owners and dumped onto the street without food or water simply because the owners can’t look after them anymore. We at AAA are looking after approximately 120 of these abandoned dogs, many distressed at having to fend for themselves for the first time.

AAA Strict non-killing policy

We have a strict non-killing policy at AAA and ensure that no animal is put down due to sickness or lack of space. Those animal initially arriving with illness or other problems are given the necessary veterinary regardless of cost. However, those animals that on veterinarian advice are considered untreatable are put to sleep to stop further pain and suffering. The putting to sleep of any of our animals is a very sad event for us and so we have dedicated a page to these dogs on our website Rainbow Bridge.

Vigorous neutering and microchipping campaign

AAA has a vigorous neutering campaign which is funded by local and foreign organisations such as Department of Animal Welfare and SASG etc. We successfully neutered hundreds of animals every year from registered feeders, homes, factories and other entities. We also include micro-chipping along with our spaying (or neutering) of animals.

How can you help us?

AAA Malta works with other foreign organisations which also provide homes for dogs. We currently have one full time member who single handedly runs the sanctuary and who needs more helpful volunteers to assist with cleaning. If you are considering helping us then we invite you to come and meet our dogs.

We also constantly require more funding as our basic monthly outgoings amount to €1540 for rent, wages and utilities. This obviously excludes the daily running costs such as food, medicines, veterinary operations, homing abroad flights and the daily running expenses of the sanctuary. As AAA Malta is a non-profit organisation it depends solely on funds from the generous public and a minimum of €4000 per month is needed to run the sanctuary.

We have a Memberships Programme, whereby the sponsorships of dogs are our main income. If you visit Become a Member pages you are only a click away from sponsoring one of our dogs for a fixed period of time

Please visit our Website which will give in-depth details of how you may help us continue to operate Association for Abandoned Animals Malta