BT Commercial Ltd in Tarxien, Malta for life worth living

BT Malta in Tarxien sell Gree branded Air Purifiers & Dehumidifiers. Air Purifiers help remove dust, odours, bacteria and viruses. The dehumidifiers BONI I has a 16 litre capacity and the BONI II has a 20 ltrs/24 Ltrs capacity. All with a 2 year warranty parts & labour.

BT commercial Ltd also sell Bosch branded products including solar energy which provides innovative and energy efficient products for your home. Mono Crystalline PV pannels and Poly Crystalline PV Pannels which come with a 10 year product guarantee, and a 25 year performance guaratee.

State of the art Solar Panel, high technology resulting in high energy yield, high quality double glass lines tank, durable aluminium support frame complete with all necessary safety valves. Available in 150/200/300 litres.
Bosch Gas Water Heating
Including Solar Kit and Gas water heater. 5 year warranty parts & labour. Eco Friendly and cost effective water heating for domestic and industrial applications. 
Bosch Heat Pump Water Heater which reduces energy bills & contribute to environmental sustainability. 5 years warranty parts and labour, this state of the art engineering provides hot water, dehumidifies the air and helps drying clothes. Can be combined with solar thermal pannels and can be combined with photovoltaic pannels.      
Bosch Electric Storage Water Heaters available in 10/30/50/80/100 litres. 5 year warranty. Modern design, highly efficient 18mm high-density polyurethane isolation, thermostat with summer mode and antibacterial protection. 

Specifications may vary according to model, and Terms and Conditions apply.

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