Our Horses are our livelihoods and therefore we treat them in the best way possible, making sure that our horses are groomed, schooled, shod and broken in, strictly in house and are taken care of as much as possible. We are a family run business and our standards of horses are best to none and we are extremely proud of this. Due to Malta’s Climate we do not leave horses in any sun, and only operate rides in the cooler times of the day during summer and our horses are all regularly watered and each stable is equipped with high powered fans and daily cleaned shavings.

With 33 years of experience under our belts, you will be in safe hands. We have a wide range of horses suitable for all ages and riding experiences especially for beginners in particular, since most experienced riders can ride a large variety of horses.

We would match a horse to your level of confidence and start your ride by holding your horse with a lead rein, which means you wouldn’t have to worry about a thing just enjoy the views and the experience of being on a horse.

Depending on your stability, balance and level of confidence you gain, we also have horses that would enable you to be released from the lead rein should you wish to be slightly more adventurous and enjoy the thrill of riding alone!

We also have smaller ponies for the younger generation and we are able to take young riders on the lead rein where they would be accompanied by an experienced instructor for the entire ride duration.