Hana Plzakova Designer Dresses in Malta

Are you looking for an Evening Dress, Wedding Dress, Smart Dress, Formal Dress in Malta? Hana Plzakova designer clothing in Rabat, Malta is the place to go

About Hana Plzakova: 

I was born in the Czech Republic and studied at the Business Academy in Mlada Boleslav. I continued my studies at the Technical University Textile Faculty in Liberec, Czech Republic. Creative work has always been my passion especially sewing and designing clothes. During my studies in textile specialisation, I focused on business and textile Evaluation. I graduated in Design of Clothes with a degree in Technical Engineering, I founded a wedding atelier company in the Czech Republic which is well-known for designing and making of wedding and evening dresses, wedding decor and organisation.

When I finalised my studies, I moved to Malta where I have been designing elegant and smart dresses as well as wedding dresses. I love fabric creations and I am involved in designing soft furnishings and interiors.

I design woman dresses for all occasions with my typical designs being renowned for fine fabrics and craftsmanship to reveal feminine charms. Every woman can get a beautiful dress fit to her body type, fashion taste and personality. Come to experience the beautiful feeling and let your womanly colours glow.

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