Inled Malta – LED lighting Malta

INLED ltd is a project based company. We help companies reduce their lighting costs by up to 85% and their lighting maintenance costs by up to 95%. We offer a retrofit solution. Our products simply and easily integrate into the existing fitting. Our state of the art LED lights carry a warranty of up to 5 Years and last up to 50000hrs.

INLED ltd are the experts in OFFICE, SHOWROOM, RETAIL, and INDUSTRIAL LED lighting. INLED ltd is mainly project based; B2B, but we also take on new LED lighting projects.

We have been dealing with LED lighting since 2009 and our experience has led us to promote state of the art LED systems at very competitive prices. We help all kinds of organizations light their premises more efficiently saving on tones of C02, and hundreds and thousands of Euros from electricity bills.

Our expertise is in RETROFIT systems. Our products simply and easily integrate into the existing system with no need for extra control gear. Till now the most commonly used low energy lighting systems in businesses was the Fluorescent neon tube and the PL lamp or as it is commonly known, the “energy saver”. Today our RETROFIT LED lights have by far become much more of an energy saver than these traditional lights. We are looking at up to 85% decrease in lighting costs and up to 95% on maintenance costs compared to Fluorescent tubes and PL lamps.

“We come to you, see what lighting is presently being used, we come up with an LED alternative together with paybacks, Return on investment and a quote” all this at no extra cost………

INLED ltd have a vast experience when dealing with new projects like shops, offices or even a new lighting system, both commercial and residential. We use the latest technology in lighting simulation so our clients will know beforehand how the LED light will look in the new premises.

With a very good client list and a host of lighting projects around the island, we can direct you to one of our installations so you can see our products in action for yourself.

Inled Malta products include:
– LED T8 retrofit tubes – 5 years warranty
– LED T5 retrofit tubes – 5 years warranty
– High power retail LED lighting – 5 years warranty
– LED PL retrofit lamps – 5 years warranty
– LED GU10 retrofit bulbs
– LED Floodlights
– Architectural LED Lighting
– Designer lighting for residential apartments

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