MALTCO LOTTERIES Limited Iklin Malta

Head Office: Hal Mann Buildings, 2nd Floor, Saint Michael Street, Iklin IKL 1011  Malta


Maltco lotteries games in Malta include U Bet, Grand Lottery, Lotto, Super 5, Bingo75, fast Bingo, quick Keno and scratchers.

Super 5

– Super 5 is a lottery game where five balls are drawn with numbers ranging 1 to 42.
– The draw is held every Wednesday at 7:10pm and tickets may be bought up to one hour before the draw.
– Tickets can be purchased from any of the Lotto Booths around Malta and Gozo.
– Prizes are given for successful guesses of 3, 4, or 5 numbers.
– There is a minimum guaranteed prize of €25 for a correct guess of 3 numbers.
– There is no maximum prize and any unclaimed jackpots are passed onto the following week’s prize fund.