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Maypole Factory Malta – Qormi/Handaq – Bakery Malta

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With a heritage spanning over 4 decades, the Maypole Group is a family run business operating within the manufacturing and distribution of food products. With a strong emphasis on bread and baked products, the Group has its own production facility located in Qormi Handaq, Malta. Maypole also has twelve retail outlets based on a convenience store concept which are spread throughout the Island; a restaurant ‘Nenu The Artisan Baker situated in Valletta offering traditional Maltese Dishes using fresh ingredients in the ambience of an original restored bakery and an innovative food service franchise concept Croust’wich also situated in Valletta.

With a strong accent on traditional Maltese Baked products, the Group has always believed in the power of innovation and technical advancement. It is this careful balance of respect for tradition while employing the latest technology that has enabled Maypole to offer its Maltese consumers the classic food stuffs they are used to while ensuring quality, consistency and the latest standards in Food Safety.


Maypole’s Product Portfolio includes: Bread; Cakes & Pastries; Frozen Food; Ice-Cream & Party Menu’s.

Maypole Qormi
Address: 504, Victory Street Qormi QRM2509