Naxxar Council Malta

The Naxxar Council firmly believes in the need to keep a direct contact with the residents because only in this way can one keep abreast with what is happening in the locality and recognize the needs and requests of the residents. Therefore, apart from Naxxar Council opening its offices daily for the benefit of the residents, nowadays the Local Council is equipped with a computerized system so that complaints and suggestions can be dealt with in a more efficient way.
Undoubtedly, Naxxar Council keeps a regular contact with the residents by means of the numerous newspapers, flyers and circulars which are delivered door to door.

A direct contact with the residents is also held yearly, where all the residents of the Naxxar locality are invited to attend the Annual Locality Meeting where all those present have the faculty to pass on any complaints, suggestions and opinions directly to the Naxxar Council Members.

Those needs and problems which are not the direct responsibility of the Naxxar Local Council are not forgotten by this Council, but, wherever possible, letters are sent out on behalf of the residents and meetings are held with various Ministers and Departmental Heads.


The values of the Naxxar Local Council are:

To improve the interests of the Naxxar community while keeping in full view the needs of those individuals in particular situations.
A just and transparent administration in all tasks undertaken by the Naxxar Council.
Respect to the different opinions and beliefs of the whole community keeping abreast of any political circles.
Respect towards the environment and our cultural and historical heritage.


Contact details for Naxxar Council:

Address: Centru Civiku, Vjal 21 ta’ Settembru, Naxxar, NXR1018

Telephone numbers: (+356) 2141 6341 & (+356) 2701 3044