Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary Malta – Dogs Shelter

Starting with just 8 dogs the Noah’s Ark Dog Shelter in Mellieha Malta, has quickly increased it’s number of abandoned dogs with each year seeing an increase in desperate cases of dogs requiring their help. Over the years, approximately 800 dogs have been cared for by Noah’s ark, many dogs whom had been abused, tied up to a building with wire, beaten with an iron bar or left without food and clean water for days.

The aim of the Noah Ark animal sanctuary is to give every dog a warm place to sleep at night and their rehabilitation and recovery from many injuries. “We pride ourselves on giving each dog a fighting chance of finding a new, ‘forever’ home”.

The Dog shelter is undertaken by a small band of dedicated volunteers who give up so many hours to help the dogs and work so hard to make second chances happen for lost, confused and lonely dogs.

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary in Malta is a registered charity organisation, and must raise every euro and cent to keep going. With rising costs of food and medicine, every appeal made is because limited funds have been exhasuted.

You can help by:

1. Cash donations by Cheque to Noah’s Ark, Paradise Bay, L.O. Mellieha
2. Donations to BOV Acc. 4001 3262 921. HSBC Acc. 068093483050. For more banking information, please click here
3. Donations by SMS: €2.33(LM1) – 5061 7351,  €4.66(LM2) – 5061 8072,  €11.65(LM5) – 5061 9202
4. Join Noah’s Ark Sanctuary ‘100 Club’.
   For more information regarding financial donations, please click here
5. Other donations such as dog food and carpeting.
6. Helping out at the sanctuary at Paradise Bay
7. Sponsoring a dog’s keep at the sanctuary
8. Adopting a dog, thus giving it a loving home.

Donations of ANY amount, no matter how small will be appreciated

Housing facilities for the animals are:

5 x 400 sq M outdoor runs with housing 7 dogs.
Outdoor, roofed pens with Kennels, each with occupancy of 2 dogs.
Indoor/outdoor pens accommodating two and sometime three dogs depending on size
Dogs in pens are taken out daily for exercise in fenced 2 acres of land

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