Recowatt Malta, founded in 2005, Recowatt Co. Ltd. is a company pioneering in reliable and cost effective solar energy solutions.

Recowatt Ltd Malta offer Intelligent Building Automation – Modular LED Systems – Natural Illumination – Glass Treatment – Water Treatment – Thermodynamic Systems (Heat Pump)

Recowatt brands include:
Edmonds – Technologies for a sustainable Future
Axitec – High quality Germa Solar Company
Luxor – The sunshine people

Products and services from Recowatt Malta include:
Glass Treatment, Natural Ventilation, Natural Illumination, Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Water Heaters & Solar Thermal Plants, Pool Heating Systems, LED Displays & Lighting, Water Treatment, Intelligent Building Management Systems, Heat Pumps

Natural Ventilation Systems reduce moisture and Damp (Moffa)
Improves air quality
Reduce heat build-up during Summer in Malta
Domestic, Commercial & Industrial Applications
Complete design, supply and installation for your tailor made Ventilation Solution

Affordable and Reliable Systems from Recowatt Malta
Products are MRA approved
Optional Online Monitoring System
Free Client Support & Consultation
Attractive Financial Schemes