Solar Solutions Ltd, The Renewable Energy Co located in Naxxar, Malta
Offers products and services for including solar water heaters and solar water solutions in Malta

Solar Solutions, with over 7.7MWp (35,000 photovoltaic modules) to be installed by the end of 2013 Solar Solutions remains the largest RES Company with the largest proven portfolio in Malta. Solar Solutions carries the largest testimonial portfolio of satisfied clients who described their buying experience and relative savings. Solar Solutions offers consultancy for a complete turnkey project right from the very start. We can assist in all relative grant and connection applications including financing the project. 

Solar Solutions only deals with large photovoltaic and inverter manufactures who do not only depend on the sales of Photovoltaic for revenue. Kyocera, Hyundai Heavy Industries and SMA are big organisations that inspire confidence in such investments. The financial and brand stability is a testimony to the organization’s promise of a 25 year guarantee on the photovoltaic solar modules. 

The experience gained gave us the know how to use the right quality materials, fittings and switchgear. Choosing cheaper material can make your PV system cheaper but not as safe and long lasting making it costlier in the long run. 

Solar Solutions offers the best value for money solar photovoltaic turnkey packages without compromising quality. This means that when one compares like for like, Solar Solutions always achieves the best priced solar photovoltaic solution.