Tumble Tots Naxxar Malta – Childrens physical development Malta

Help your children stay active, fit and healthy. Join Tumble Tots, the UK’s leading physical development programme now in Naxxar Malta.
Tumble Tots is located in the heart of the Sghajtar residential community just off the main road linking Mosta / Lija and Naxxar.

From 6 months to 7 years Tumble Tots Malta allows children from 6 months to 7 years the opportunity to participate in fun physical play in a safe and caring environment using specially designed, colourful equipment. The Tumble Tots programme aims to help children develop skills and contributes towards their growth into confident, healthy adults.

Skills for life Tumble Tots sessions are structured to assist in the development of physical skills such as agility, balance, climbing and co-ordination. In addition, social skills are developed as they are encouraged to listen, interact with each other, take turns and share their experiences.

During the most formative years from birth to five, physical activity is critical to help maintain a healthy weight and strengthen muscles and heart. Physical activity greatly improves the development of the brain leading to strong foundations for reading, writing and basic co-ordination to enhance confident learning.

For more information and timetable, or to book a class at our Tumble Tots centre in Naxxar Malta, please call 2142 1632.